• Japanesenerd247

    Hello, everybody! For those of you who are new here, welcome! I am the bureaucrat/founder of the wiki: Japanesenerd247! Fell free to let your inner Glitter Force creator shine! There are a few rules you have to follow though:

    1. No page shall be under 50 words!
    2. No innapropriate content! (i.e.: anything related to boyfriend/girlfriend drama, same-gender relationships, etc.) I mean, it's a KID SHOW, for crying out loud!
    3. Any art put on a page MUST be original (with the acception of creators, such as HappinessCharge Precure, school girl, magical girl, Sailor Moon, etc.).
    4. No one, and I mean NO ONE, shall steal ideas from another page!
    5. EVERYTHING on this wiki has to be solely based on your ideas and Glitter Force, nothing else!
    6. No cursewords! (Like I sai…
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