Cherry May is a main character of the Glitter Force Bloom series.Cherry is a shy and timid girl, who most of all loves flowers, but is unable to handle highly energetic people, like Ellie.


  • Full Name: Cherry May
  • Birthday: unknown
    • Blood Type: O
  • Favorites:
    • Food/Drink: chocolate
    • Color: Pink, Magenta
    • Animal: All animals



Cherry has long curly dark red hair that reaches down past her waist. Her bangs are parted down the left side, and the ends curl inwards to frame her face. Her hair is worn in a single low ponytail, and she is never seen without her glasses. Her home wear consists of a long sleeved pink top fuchsia collar and sleeves with the number '7' on the back, light blue three-quarter skinny jeans and pink flats.

Glitter BlossomEdit

Glitter Blossom has bright pink hair, styled in a high, curly ponytail secured with a hot pink bow with a small flower on the middle. Her eyes also become a brighter shade of pink. Her outfit resembles Marine's, being a short white dress with fuchsia coloring on the side and bell-flower shaped sleeves. A hot pink bow is sewn to the chest with a heart-shaped gem on a silver base to match the choker and waist strap with two, pale flowers and the heart perfume attached to it. The skirt is in two petal layers, the top white, the bottom fuchsia. On each wrist is a hot pink ribbon with a small pale pink flower attached to it, and white ruffled material. Included are white boots with hot pink lining and soft fuchsia toe and heel. A single, pale pink flower is sewn to the side of the foot. A hot pink choker and fuchsia flower-shaped earrings are also included.

Glitter BlossomEdit

"The blooming pink flower, A bloom of courage! I’m Glitter Blossom."

Transformation SequenceEdit


  • Sparkle Blossoming




Glitter BlossomEdit